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Founder, On the Mark Data

Mark is a community health advocate turned data engineer interested in the intersection of social impact, business, and technology. His life’s mission is to improve the well-being of as many people as possible through data—especially among those marginalized.


As the founder of On the Mark Data, Mark uses this platform to help brands connect to data professionals through captivating content.


Mark received his M.S. from the Stanford School of Medicine and is also certified in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In addition, Mark has worked within numerous startups where he has put machine learning models into production, integrated data analytics into products, and led migrations to improve data infrastructure.


The culmination of Mark’s technical skills, content success, and experience within startups would make him an asset whether you are looking to create a successful content strategy, engage in influencer marketing campaigns, or develop a go-to-market strategy for your startup.

You can learn more about Mark Freeman II and his experience in technical content on his LinkedIn profile.

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